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If you're looking to revitalize your digital strategy, Clickd have the infrastructure and expertise to help. We can provide a complete end-to-end marketing solution, or offer services in silo as required. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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Our team specialise in digital marketing. We create solutions so that your business can benefit from strategies that maximise your advertising ROI.

We deliver digital solutions for our highly ambitious clients

Rest assured, you are in safe hands with Click'd. We have been active in the online advertising industry since its start in 2003. The team here were among the first in New Zealand and Australia to build Google AdWords accounts. During the last 18 years, we have built over 35,000 digital campaigns across industries and platforms. And this gives us the pride to say we are the 'Pioneers Within Our Industry'. Copied and followed many times but never beaten! After 13 years of hard work and success, we exited and sold our previous company to an ex JP Morgan executive in 2016. But the bug never goes away. We have been sitting quietly, drinking coffee and looking for the next best thing for our clients. Following many Don Julio 1942 late nights. Overseas trips to see our counterparts in the US. And lots and lots of testing, we are back in the game.

We have developed unique bespoke software, which is crucial for any agency to be a powerhouse. The software allows us to integrate with Google and Social Media Platforms. And make changes for customers in milliseconds to stay ahead in the ever-moving landscape of digital advertising.

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