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Page Post Link
After looking at the most simple type of advertising for Facebook, let’s now take a look at the most popular type of advertising.

Page Post Link

Let’s take a close look at the most popular type of advertising on Facebook. This is called “Page Post Ad” and is perfect for promoting your external website. A large link photograph instantly pulls your attention when you land on a page holding on of these. If you combine the advertising text and photo with a well-planned promotion then your advert can perform to incredible levels.

We have found that by adding a strong “Call To Action” to the 90 characters available then this helps your potential customers know how to respond to your advert. You will also need to use a high definition photograph to really grab attention and the advert does all the hard work for you in generating leads.

Your photograph needs to be a high quality image that really promotes your company and what you offer to the customer. Whether it is showing the products that you sell, or designed to expose your logo to the world, a good photograph “sells” your business in the best possible way.

With a page post link advert you must sell yourself with an image and 90 characters. The key is to pick the right time to put the advert live so that it targets people at the right point to start a sale. This usually has the fantastic effect of generating “likes” for your business which result in further promotion, along with direct sales.

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